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    Despite his name, billionaire Chance Bennett has never been a man who liked leaving anything to chance. The success of his company was due to careful design rather than luck and this is something he feels he can replicate in all parts of life, including relationships. Now he has made his fortune he feels it is time to settle down and get married.

    However, Chance does not want to leave it up to the gods of fate. He wants the woman who is perfect for him and he wants to meet her now. So he uses his technological resources to create an algorithm that will search Manhattan for a woman who is perfect for him. He believes this is the only true way of finding "the one".

    When the machine throws up the name "Regina King" from Harlem he is intrigued and he knows he has to meet her. If the machine is right, this is the woman he is destined to marry and he will stop at nothing to make it happen. Chance Bennett is confident he has designed the perfect relationship from which they will happily ever after, but can true love really be designed?

    ©2015 BMB Digital Ltd (P)2015 BMB Digital Ltd

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