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The Big Switch

The Case of the Purloined Callixtus Bull
Sprecher: Daniel L. Palma
Spieldauer: 6 Std. und 44 Min.

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When professional archaeologists compete to steal a valuable manuscript, they bring a degree of sophistication not found in your common criminal. R.P. Gavin, with minor help from the local police and FBI, must unravel the twists and turns to uncover the culprit. 

R.P. is bright, a college dropout; it bored him. He started an exclusive limo business. He hauls the famous and infamous to neat and nefarious places and is well paid to keep his mouth shut. His father is collector and owner of many archaeological manuscripts and made a fortune with them. R.P. is on good terms with the police and an attractive FBI agent lived with him. He can be respectful, and in the next instant, disrespectful. He's a street fighter but not a bully. He's a smart-assed nice guy. 

There are two attorney brothers (twins). R.P. calls them Frick and Frack. R.P. is an illegitimate half-brother. With all of this, he is a competent investigator. His thorough efforts focus on the mystery of who stole the precious document and killed two people. 

R.P. is one of those people who cares for those near and dear to him. However, one of his limo customers is also the local hood boss and a major contributor to solving the crime but not without a lot of mischief and rancorous exchanges. He respects people who are honest with him and those near and dear.

©2017 Kenneth E. Ingle (P)2018 Kenneth E. Ingle


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