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The Bible Simplified

Sprecher: Bill Carl
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The Bible is not necessarily easy to understand because it is not a book but more than 60 books, written by those inspired by God over a period of 1700 years. There have been many Bible study guides, methods, systems and outlines published in a sincere effort to help people read the Bible. However, for many people these guides are intimidating and unintentionally confusing as they direct the reader to take a section of one book, sections from other books, and piece them together like building a puzzle.

To piece together sections of 66-plus individual books over the course of a year or more and understand them as a single completed work can be overwhelming and lead to many different conclusions. Also there is danger in bouncing between or skipping over sections as vital facts can be missed, completely changing a meaning and lesson. This is one of the major reasons why we ended up with dozens of different Christian denominations.

The Bible actually can be easy to read because it flows with a consistent teaching or message throughout. Times change, people and cultures change, and circumstances change, but what pleases God, and what angers him, does not.

God's expectations and the way he looks at us has never changed. He has made slight adjustments based on the way we respond and act, as all good parents do, but he never raised or lowered his expectations.

The Bible Simplified is not a system or guide but a long overdue chronology that begins before the creation of mankind, walks you through the garden, through the Old Testament, into the New Testament and through the Apostles' teachings. This is not a children's book but an easy read with a level of detail that delivers simple clarity and complete harmony in all of the books that make up the Bible.

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