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    Take control of your life ten minutes at a time - that's the philosophy of Small Steps to Big Change, the blog about the power of kaizen to make life better.

    This anthology will teach you:

    • How Your Living Room Can Give You More Willpower
    • The Emotional Foundations of Clutter
    • Five Steps for Cultivating Self-Discipline
    • Three Goal-Setting Mistakes You're Probably Making
    • How Horseshoe Nails Are Ruining Your Life
    • The Magic Question That Keeps You Moving Toward Your Goals
    • Three Goal-Setting Mistakes You're Probably Making
    • How to Ease Into a New Diet or Fitness Routine Without Disrupting Your Life
    • Tips for Clearing Mental Clutter

    ...and much more!

    ©2012, 2014 Bonnie Lynn Johnston (P)2014 Bonnie Lynn Johnston

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