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    The Bell Witch is real. And her terrifying game has begun....

    In Black River, Tennessee, there is a legend hiding in the shadowy trees. The Bell Witch, a vile, vindictive spirit, is said to haunt the dark woods. Driven by rage, she stalks the descendants of four ancient families - cursed bloodlines, doomed to play out her sadistic game for eternity.

    Until four young survivors take a stand, and vow to end the witch’s curse once and for all. Their journey will pit them against death, madness, and demonic forces. But if they fail, the witch’s curse will claim a new generation of souls....

    This volume contains books one through three of the bone-chilling Bell Witch series:

    The Harvest (book one): When a member of each family stumbles upon the witch’s cursed music box, they are forced to journey into the dark and twisted woods in search of the keys to their salvation.

    Sacrificial Grounds (book two): A bloody confrontation with the witch’s cult forces the group to flee into her decrepit old house, where they must each confront their darkest fears....

    The Witch Cave (book three): Vowing to destroy the Bell Witch once and for all, the four survivors venture into a network of flooded tunnels, where demonic spirits torment them with nightmares of the past. And the only way out requires one of them to make the ultimate sacrifice....

    ©2019 Scare Street (P)2019 Scare Street

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