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    She doesn’t need that sort of relationship in her life, right?

    It's hard to keep that in mind when Adela Choi sees Marcus Haught drive up on his motorcycle, his tattoos rippling over his hard muscles. So utterly mouth-watering that she can hardly think around him. Not to mention his animal side, that used to make Adela howl. But she has to stay strong, for her and her little toddler. People just don't change, and she isn't about to be hurt again.

    Marcus, for his part, decided long ago to stay away from Adela. There can't be love without trust.... But he keeps being drawn back, again and again, not only for Adela’s thick curves he wants to taste one more time, but also for her sweet daughter he fell in love with.Things get complicated when Marcus’ past catches up. A drug kingpin who insists that Marcus and his unique skills should come work for him again. Will he keep Adela and her child safe? And will he be determined enough to change for the better, to be a good mate for Adela and a good father to her child? Find out!

    Author’s Note: This is a stand-alone paranormal romance story - with HEA, so no cliff-hangers - this story contains mature themes and language, and is intended for 18 and up listeners.

    ©2019 Jasmine Wylder (P)2020 Jasmine Wylder

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