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    It’s a fight. It’s bear tradition. It’s simple. The champion wins the right to mate the new matriarch.

    Serena Boone always knew it. Being the new matriarch of her bear shifter clan comes with big responsibility. Nothing she couldn’t handle alone, but now she has to be protected during the transition of power. But why does her protector have to be one hot and sexy masterpiece? He can’t be her mate. Mates are chosen in traditional fights.

    Tristen Cade, a Navy SEAL, serves to protect. All focus is on the mission. But it is different this time. He can barely control himself when he is next to Serena. All of those curves in her tight-fitting clothes is all he can think about.

    Stop. Everybody knows about the tradition, and he won’t be the one to mess it up.

    Then there is the fight. And the bear who wins the right to be her mate? It’s Tristen’s brother, Robert.

    There is no time to worry about the stirrings of jealousy Tristen has when he sees Serena with Robert. He has much more important things to do. Like saving her life, since anti-shifter groups want to destabilize the clan.

    If they make it out alive, will true love overcome tradition?

    Author’s note: This is a stand-alone paranormal romance story with an HEA, so no cliff-hangers. This story contains mature themes and language, and is intended for listeners 18 and older.  

    ©2019 Jasmine Wylder (P)2020 Jasmine Wylder

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