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    He will do anything to protect his unborn child.

    Lori Rowlands is done with the loser boyfriends she’s always picked; the kind that would play for a while and then leave her high and dry. She wants something sweet but passionate, where they can count on one another in a crisis. And that means her new boss, the rich, delicious lawyer Clifford Boone, is off limits. Or, isn’t he? A little play can’t hurt anybody, right?

    Clifford Boone knows how to seduce women. Being the boss, and being rich, definitely helps. Also, the women love to see when his inner bear comes out. At least, that is what he thinks.

    And here it comes, his next adventure - the new employee Lori Rowlands.

    Who wouldn’t go crazy for those thick curves in a tight dress?

    But then his world turns up-side down.

    Lori gets pregnant and his oldest rival is back and determined to see his clan utterly wiped out. What the f--k?

    Unusual times, require unusual measures. Lori and his unborn child have nothing to do with this fight. He has to take them out of the line of fire. The only solution...kidnapping Lori.

    But there is more than one kind of tension building.... As Clifford and Lori spend more time together, they come to realize that the passion that led to their child’s conception still burns between them. And maybe, there is something more....

    Author’s Note: This is a stand-alone paranormal romance story - with HEA, so no cliff-hangers - this story contains mature themes and language, and is intended for 18 and up listeners.

    ©2019 Jasmine Wylder (P)2020 Jasmine Wylder

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