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The Beanstalk Jackpots

Jack Hit Three Jackpots by Climbing His Beanstalk. You Can Too.
Autor: Pete Geissler
Sprecher: Tom Campbell
Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 13 Min.

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You can't be the fabled Jack and depend on magic beans, a fast-growing beanstalk, and a fabulously rich but murderous giant for wealth + happiness + competitive supremacy™; you can only depend on yourself and the personal beanstalk that you sow, grow, and climb. A good start is to adopt the three how-to jackpots put forth in this book: pamper yourself, be positive, and delete your toxins. Think of them as akin to Jack's bag of gold coins, his goose that lays an unlimited supply of golden eggs, and his harp that plays itself. 

This book is not a fairy tale. Its three jackpots and their awesome powers to change lives for the better are based on centuries of insight and experience, including almost a half-century lived by the author. Essays, anecdotes, and comments from others support each jackpot convincingly and compellingly.

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