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    Beschreibung von Audible

    For Scott Kenemore, zombies are the world's most effective fighting machines. In his amusing and informative The Art of Zombie Warfare, listeners learn the techniques that make zombies such impressive warriors, from single-minded and bloodthirsty focus to inspiring fear in the enemy.

    What seems like an arch premise is grounded with the right balance of humor and incisiveness by Jeremy Arthur, whose performance inspires the listener's greater contemplation of Kenemore's assertion that the history of winning combat is littered with zombie-like traits. The Art of Zombie Warfare is a clever guide to unlocking the undead warrior within.


    This manual provides a review of the tactical combat advantages enjoyed by zombies and gives the listener a step-by-step guide to adopting them for him or herself. Have you wondered where the great military leaders of modern history have found their collective inspirations? Well look no further. It is the walking dead upon whom the most important tactical infantry innovations of the last three hundred years have been based.

    Do you dream of becoming a soldier who fights with the efficacy and skill of a zombie? Are you a general or commander seeking to imbue your troops with the ruthless, soulless killing-efficiency of an animated corpse? Are you a voodoo priest or wizard desiring to raise an actual army of zombies to help you conquer the land and install yourself as ruler? Then, friend, this is the book for you. With this book, you will learn how to fight without weapons, communicate wordlessly, and enjoy the multifarious battlefield-strategy benefits that come with always just walking straight at the enemy. Written by the author of The Zen of Zombie and Z.E.O., The Art of Zombie Warfare is the most authoritative tome available today on the subject of zombie combat.

    ©2010 Scott Kenemore (P)2012 Audible, Inc.

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