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    Are you sick and tired of never having enough money?

    How different would your life be, if you could attract a never-ending stream of money into your life?

    What if you could free your life from debt and use your mind to tap into the riches of the Universe?

    Maybe you’ve tried the law of attraction before, and it didn’t work out for you?

    Anything is possible if you have the right knowledge.

    Rebecca Collins, author of Love Yourself Deeply and How to Make Friends Easily, returns with an outstanding new book on how to manifest money by using the law of attraction.

    If you want to create more money, build a fortune, live a life of wealth and prosperity, this audiobook will give you the inside knowledge on how to do that.

    A lot of people have reaped the benefits of the law of attraction but very few truly understand its secrets. Not many people know how to tap into its full potential.

    If you really want to grasp what the law of attraction is all about and learn how to manifest more money in your life, then you will find all the answers you need in this audiobook. It cuts through the woo-woo lingo and reveals practical strategies that you can apply, no matter what your background, upbringing or age.

    The author will walk you through ways to create a new mindset, lose those self-limiting beliefs that have been sabotaging your success, and gain insights into how the Universe actually works in your favor.

    Using straightforward language and armed with the latest scientific discoveries about the power of thought, this audiobook will set you on the path to a new bright future today!

    You will learn how to get rid of your poverty mindset and create a healthy relationship with money.

    You will discover how to remove negativity from your life and embrace the positive.

    You will learn tried and tested visualization techniques and the power of affirmations to bring you wealth and prosperity.

    You will uncover the secrets of the Universe, tapping into your ability to raise your vibrations to attract more money.

    Everything you need to know about creating more wealth using the law of attraction is in this audiobook, as well as some secrets that many "experts" have overlooked.

    Don’t wait any longer - start manifesting a life of increased wealth today!

    Everyone deserves to be wealthy, and this book shows you how.

    Get your copy now!

    PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio.

    ©2021 Rebecca Collins (P)2021 Rebecca Collins

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