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    Authors Jim Stovall and Ray H. Hull, PhD, are lifelong learners and teachers of successful best practices across a wide spectrum of topics including education, communication, and influence.

    The Art of Influence, written in Jim’s entertaining, story-telling style alongside Dr. Hull’s straight-forward, factual approach is a must-listen for businesspeople, salespeople, entrepreneurs, and anyone wanting to improve their place of influence in life.

    Listen to this audiobook and understand more about:

    • What makes someone influential
    • How to build your life and legacy into one of influence
    • Why it is important to learn how to gain influence
    • How the changing world affects how you influence others

    Universal in appeal and highly accessible, this book acts as a spotlight on the truth that there has never been a better time to learn the art of influence!

    ©2018 Jim Stovall (P)2019 Jim Stovall

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