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    The engrossing story of how a nerdy tree climber and the only girl at the science fair grew into an inspiring innovator and international leader.

    One of the world's first tree-top scientists, Meg Lowman is both a pioneer in her field - she invented one of the first treetop walkways - and a tireless advocate for the planet. In a voice as infectious in its enthusiasm as in its practical optimism, The Arbornaut chronicles her irresistible story.

    From climbing solo hundreds of feet into Australia's rainforests to measuring tree growth in the Northeastern United States, from searching the redwoods of the Pacific coast for new life to studying leaf-eaters in Scotland's Highlands, from a bioblitz in Malaysia to conservation planning in India to collaborating with priests in Ethiopia's last forests, Lowman launches us into the life and work of a scientist and ecologist. She also offers hope, specific plans and recommendations for action, despite devastation across the world, we can still make an immediate and lasting impact against climate change.

    ©2021 Meg Lowman (P)2021 Bolinda Publishing Pty Ltd


    "In The Arbornaut, Meg Lowman inspires readers with her amazing life story and reminds us that we can’t live without the natural world, especially trees." (Tommy Hilfiger)

    "An eye-opening and enchanting book by one of our major scientist-explorers." (Diane Ackerman, author of The Zookeeper’s Wife)

    "The Arbornaut captures the magic of that little-known world with its pioneering stories and clear, informative text. Readers everywhere will be fascinated and inspired to learn more about nature, and especially about how we need to conserve the world's forests." (Jane Goodall)

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