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    Air Force psych test or actual end of the world scenario? Nuclear apocalypse or reality television?

    Fighter pilot Brock Blount may, or may not, be the last man alive. Hollywood beauties Madison and Casey may, or may not, be the last women. Does the fate of humanity rest on their shoulders? Or is it a mind game, and they need to be fighting their way out of the machine?

    This novella is set in an apocalyptic world where swears and getting frisky are part of everyday reality. Not for the easily offended or those under 18. Don't miss the complete trilogy, which is best listened in this order:

    1. The Apocalypse Deception (Simulated Realities number one)
    2. The Apocalypse Defection (Simulated Realities number two)
    3. The Apocalypse Connection (Simulated Realities number three)
    ©2019 Kyle Kenze (P)2019 Kyle Kenze

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