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    A mole in a hole, or a man on a mission? 

    Former F-16 pilot Brock Blount is dead certain he's trapped in an artificial reality, but how can he escape when even his beautiful sidekicks refuse to believe him? 

    Winter is coming. If Brock and his three girls want to survive, they have to fight their way into their billionaire employer's hardened bunker. 

    But they're not the only party of survivors scheming for a way inside.

    This 21,000-word post-apocalyptic novella is the third and final episode of the Simulated Realities trilogy. To listen in order:

    1. The Apocalypse Deception (Book #1)
    2. The Apocalypse Defection (Book #2)
    3. The Apocalypse Connection (Book #3)

    This novella is set in a postwar environment where swears and steamy activities are a reality of everyday life. If you're easily offended or under age 18, please choose a different book.

    ©2019 Kyle Kenze (P)2019 Kyle Kenze

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