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    Twelve-year-old Peter Waring is an orphan with an assortment of relatives who don't quite know what to do with him. But Peter's concern is for Rose Ellen, the little girl his mother took in before she died, and for whom none of his relations feel any responsibility. 

    They are however intrigued by Peter's legacy. His father had hidden The Annam Jewel, a mysterious and priceless object that Peter will inherit on his 25th birthday. The owner of such a valuable item is sure to face many challenges: grasping strangers and friends who covet the jewel; betrayals; perilous encounters with villains and danger to life and limb. 

    But Peter's first task is to rescue Rose Ellen from the wretched institution where she has been sent. This takes courage, critical thinking, and a dose of chivalry to pull off. 

    All these are qualities that he'll need soon...when the Annam Jewel takes center stage in his life.

    Public Domain (P)2020 Anne Hancock

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