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    Fifteen-year-old Mari Quillen is about to become invincible. Just like everyone else.

    For years, Mari has been anxiously awaiting the day when she will receive her amplifier - a small device implanted behind the ear that gives someone limitless capabilities through verbal commands. But once she finally becomes "amplified" and begins mandatory training with the rest of her peers, she begins to see that her natural ability to resist and act for herself bring dangerous consequences as well as unwanted scrutiny from Governor Plenaris, the community's most revered official. 

    She grows increasingly wary of the amplifiers as she watches how they affect her friends and brother, constantly wondering if amplification is really as fantastic as she thought it would be. Sure, she can perform elaborate acrobatics and recall obscure information, but how can she be sure the amplifier isn't controlling her?

    Perfect for those who enjoyed Divergent and Ender's Game series, The Amplified is the first in a clean three-book series that explores a society where no one has to make any effort, as long as they know the right thing to say.

    ©2016 Lauren M. Flauding (P)2020 Lauren M. Flauding

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