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    The Amish bonnet sisters are back and, as usual, are full of surprises in this seventh bundle.

    This three-in-one set contains books 19, 20, and 21: The Unsuitable Amish Wedding, Her Amish Secret, and Amish Harvest Mayhem.

    The Unsuitable Amish Wedding: Shortly after the family has said good-bye to one unwanted houseguest, Bliss' cousin arrives for an extended stay. Cherish wants Debbie to fit in well with the family, but she's not too hopeful given some early warning signs.

    Her Amish Secret: The sisters are back from their brother's wedding. It's not long before Cherish discovers something is amiss with Debbie, their new houseguest.

    What is it that Debbie is hiding from everyone?

    Amish Harvest MayhemThe Baker/Bruner household has a permanent addition to their family - cousin Debbie. Debbie has found a way to fit in with the bonnet sisters and their blended family. Although, she'd rather have a very different life and secretly hopes she won't be there forever.

    This series is best listened to in order, starting from book number one, Amish Mercy. Or, catch up with the Amish Bonnet Sisters Box Sets Books One to Three (Amish Mercy, Amish Honor, A Simple Kiss).

    ©2021 Samantha Price (P)2021 Samantha Price

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