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    "I want you to know that no matter what happens, I don't blame you and I'll love you until I die."

    Lainey devotes her entire life to taking care of others. As a cancer researcher, compassion is a huge part of her job. She has to care about her test subjects if she's going to be able to put into the necessary energy needed to help save them.

    It's the same with Markathus, who goes by Mark, her dark god with his traditional style, and quiet manner.

    But when it turns out that he's not the man he claims to be, and she ends up naked in a freezer on a cold gurney, she finds herself questioning her feelings for him. He says he'll help her, and that even though she's in a strange place with things that weren't supposed to exist, she'll be okay.

    First, though, she needs to learn to trust him, and there's no way she can trust a man that isn't human. He lied to her, did this to her, and now he was asking her to believe in him.

    Will Lainey find a way back to Earth? What will Markathus do to her?

    The Alien Mate's Abduction is a standalone sci-fi alien romance novel. There is no cheating, no cliffhangers, and a happy ending!

    ©2017 Zara Zenia, Juno Wells (P)2017 Zara Zenia, Juno Wells

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