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    "Hen-reeeeeeeee! Henry Aldrich!" 

    "Coming, Mother!"  

    Yes, here comes radio's favorite teenager, stumbling and bumbling his way through 16 classic episodes. Ezra Stone stars as Henry Aldrich, a likeable sort of kid who managed to turn everything he touched into catastrophe. With a constantly cracking voice, and a head full of absurdities, he confronts the awkwardness of adolescence…with hilarious results. 

    Henry's mother (Katharine Raht) keeps him well taken care of; his father (House Jameson) keeps him on the straight-and-narrow; and his buddy Homer Brown (Jackie Kelk) keeps him on his toes! Come and listen in on a perfect slice of mid-20th-century small-town Americana with one of medium's most beloved and enduring family situation comedies. 

    Episodes include: Rabbits and Pigeons 02-20-40; Henry's Hot Idea Cools Off 11-07-40; Henry Forgets to Mail a Letter 10-23-41; Muscle Building Course 11-06-41; Girlfriend 01-22-42; Selling Christmas Cards 06-18-42; Baby-Sitting or Movies 10-21-48; Detention or Basketball Game 10-28-48; Cousin Lionel 01-06-49; Dinner Date with Kathleen 01-20-49; Formal Wear 01-27-49; Shoveling Snow 02-03-49; Geometry Homework 02-10-49; Trip to Washington 03-03-49; Blind Date 04-07-49; Date with a Tall Girl 04-28-49 

    PLEASE NOTE: When you purchase this title, the accompanying PDF will be available in your Audible Library along with the audio. 

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