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    Given the time and location in which it was written, the original Adventures of Pinocchio by Carlo Collodi contains many events and episodes which, today, many consider unsuitable for a modern children's audience. The Disney animated version was changed in many ways to reflect this - and so is this adaptation. 

    Chris MacDonnell and Spoken Realms have re-imagined and re-written the more unsuitable sections to reflect contemporary expectations of children's literature. However, it is still truly a children's classic and the story is largely unchanged. 

    Written in 1883, it is both a fairy tale and a fable. Still filled with menace, magic, and adventure, we believe listeners will find these changes make this work more acceptable for the ears and sensibilities of today's younger listeners and their parents.

    ©2020 Chris MacDonnell and Spoken Realms (adaptation) (P)2020 Chris MacDonnell

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