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    Trouble happens everywhere in the universe. Any time. Any place. And to make sure whatever cockeyed balance exists is kept, the universe takes care of itself. Some ethereal cosmic force assigns special individuals to the unpredictable, unrewarding, and usually life threatening task of trouble taking, being in the completely wrong places at the totally right times to hopefully keep everyone...or most everyone from dying. 

    But the universe doesn't trust just one person to do this. No, it works in groups of two. Stocky, barrel chested, two fisted and sarcastic, the being known as Moose stands ready to deliver a soliloquy over the bodies of whoever gets in his way. And Selene Karanova Wirl, Skwirl for short, is seductive, sexy, and wields a sense of humor that could kill almost literally. 

    These two troubletakers travel space and time very much at random, figuring out whatever issue they are thrown into and then fixing it. In their own unique, usually very destructive, bloody style. The only trick is they often have to keep from killing each other first. 

    Authors R. P. Steeves, Percival Constantine, Nikki Nelson-Hicks, and Gordon Dymowski travel the universe to bring to life a concept created by Tommy Hancock. 

    ©2015 Tommy Hancock (P)2019

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