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The Adventures of Gnat

Autor: Renee Alter
Sprecher: Neal Vickers
Spieldauer: 10 Min.

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Have you ever wondered what a gnat would see if it flew up your nose and ended up inside your body? I wondered such a thing myself one night when a pesky little gnat wouldn't give me any peace. I'm sure the little gnat had a brain, eyes to see, and the intelligence to be persistent. Our bodies are indeed complete universes with individual cells like the people on our planet, energetically connected and alive with intelligence. Veins and arteries are like the roads and highways we drive on. Consider each of our organs as a planet and you have an entire universe. With each of us an entire universe, we all together are an amazing galaxy! Enjoy my little tale of Gnat exploring the inner workings of a mini universe.

©2015 Renee Alter (P)2016 Renee Alter


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