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The Ad

Amish Mail-Order Bride Romance Series
Autor: Grace Rose
Sprecher: Miranda Crandall
Spieldauer: 21 Min.

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Anna has a dream to find the hero she is destined to love. Her parents are determined to have her marry a family friend in order to join the two ranches together. Of course, she doesn't want that. She wants the hero of her dreams, a fearless man, and she was determined to find him.

When she discovers an ad looking for a mail-order bride, Anna thinks this is her chance. She sneaks away, and when she meets Michael, she thinks he's the man of her dreams. But with every dreamboat comes a secret, and Anna wonders if this is the right man for her. She knows that if she chooses Michael, her family will be at odds with her. Will Anna make the right decision? And will things work in her favor?

©2015 RicTamily Publishers (P)2015 RicTamily Publishers

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