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    Beschreibung von Audible

    Presented by L.A. Theater Works, "The Actor Retires" is a comic one-act play that follows the life of a former actor who has decided to give up drama forever and become a furniture-maker. Packed with nonstop laughs, "The Actor Retires" stars such names as D.W. Moffett, Bruce Norris, and Lucy Childs. The lead in particular gives a great performance and drives home the play's hilarious antics. Dramatists and friends of actors alike will both appreciate Bruce Norris' witty one liners and goofy situations.


    This is a hilarious comedy in which an actor decides to end his career, throw out his resumés and become a furniture maker. Featuring a full-cast performance with D.W. Moffett, Bruce Norris, Lucy Childs, Christopher Donahue, Kevin Hurley, Amy Morton, Susan Nussbaum, and William Peterson.
    (P)1994 L.A. Theatre Works; All Rights Reserved

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