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    Learn how to focus with time management to accomplish your goals today with this 2-1 time management book bundle!

    Would you like to feel:

    • Focused?
    • Motivated?
    • Efficient?
    • Productive?
    • Determined?
    • and Successful?

    Part of Brian's well-known 7 Laws Series, The 7 Laws of Focus and Productivity can help you be more productive, effective, and dedicated to get more done. Whether you want to get out of debt, change a habit, or succeed in business, Brian's proven and effective focus and concentration tips in this book will help you learn how to focus to get what you really want from life!

    Unlike other productivity and time management books, The 7 Laws of Focus and Productivity gives you a wealth of detailed and powerful tips and techniques to really take charge of your life: It will help you focus your concentration, end procrastination, and develop better time management

    ©2016 Brian Cagneey (P)2016 Shapleigh Publishing LLC

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