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    I hate Christmas.

    As CEO of my company, I’ve banned decorations from the office, festive music from the lobby, and any kind of secret Santa gifts between employees are strictly forbidden.

    I’m heading to the airport, away from the Christmas lights and the mulled wine, heading for sunshine and margaritas when I get a call from Granny. She’s sprained her ankle and needs my help filling in for her as head of the village Christmas Committee. Snowsly is the Christmas Capital of England and the last place I want to be in the lead up to Christmas.

    But there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for Granny.

    When I arrive in Snowsly, I’m introduced to Celia Sommers, who is Christmas’ biggest fan, and, therefore, my own personal nightmare before Christmas. Worse than that, I have to work with her to make Snowsly’s Christmas market a success.

    Celia is determined to get me in the festive spirit. It’s not going to work.

    It doesn’t matter if she’s smart and funny and easy to flirt with - if she doesn’t stop looking at me with her sparkling eyes and pouting her completely kissable lips, Celia is going straight to the top of my naughty list.

    ©2021 Louise Bay (P)2021 Louise Bay

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