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In this thrilling and brutally honest audiobook, seasoned amateur competitor Mike Kowis reveals what off-road racing feels like from the driver’s seat, plus how much time and money is required to compete in this harrowing motorsport. He also shares the gritty details of each side-by-side race that he and his teenage son (Cash) competed in during their run for the 2019 Championship. Whether you are a longtime off-road racer with 10 titles to your name, a newbie competitor curious to learn about the sport, or a parent looking for exciting father-son activities to do together, this audiobook will surely entertain and enlighten.

By day, Mike Kowis, Esq., is a mild-mannered tax attorney at a Fortune 500 company in Texas. By night, he swaps a three-piece suit for a pair of tights and a shiny red cape and then begins his duties as a modern-day superhero (also known as “Adjunct Faculty Member”) for one of the largest community colleges in the Lone Star State. In his spare time, he writes books and competes in off-road races with his kids. Mike lives in Texas with his wife and family. For more information, please visit

©2020 Patrick M. Kowis, Jr. (P)2020 Patrick M. Kowis, Jr.

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