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    There’s always a new nightmare lurking in the shadows....

    A prison break ends in terror when the fugitive discovers there’s more than just his freedom on the line. The dead return for vengeance when a spiritual medium is cruelly murdered. And a trail of missing children in the frozen wilderness leads to a creature even deadlier than the local predators....

    Scare Street is proud to present 13 tales of supernatural horror in one ghastly collection. A diabolical catalog of nightmares and fiendish creatures, never before seen in daylight.

    They say new experiences are good for the soul. And the spirits hiding in this shadowy netherworld have so many new sights to show you, new shivers to send down your spine, new creatures to stalk you through the night.

    And new ways to make you scream in horror....

    ©2021 Scare Street (P)2021 Scare Street

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