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    Online courses have become a key part of how we learn and acquire information in the modern age. This huge and lucrative industry is open to almost everyone, and selling your knowledge is one of the easiest and fastest ways to start generating passive income. 

    I use the term SWISS, which stands for Sales While I Sleep Soundly, to refer to the income you can make while doing something else - whether that’s sleeping, traveling, spending time with your family, or working on an inspiring new project. I genuinely get excited about this topic because creating an online course is such an achievable way to increase your income, and it paves the way toward true financial freedom. 

    I’ve been teaching online courses with my wife, Melanie, to students all over the world since 2014. Together, we’ve earned over seven figures in passive income and received a 2-Comma Club Award from ClickFunnels for earning a million dollars through their software. If you’d told me 10 years ago I could earn this amount of money from working from home, I never would have believed you. Yet, we have - and I’m here to show you that you can, too. 

    I have 12 key steps to share, which you can use as a blueprint to take you through the fundamentals of accessing this booming market. It’s my hope that it’ll get you as excited as I get about earning money, just by sharing what you’re passionate about, and that by the end of listening to this, you’ll have actionable steps to take you on your way to SWISS freedom.

    ©2020 Chris Greenwood (P)2020 Chris Greenwood

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