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Taste Berries for Teens

Inspirational Short Stories and Encouragement on Life, Love, Friendship and Tough Issues
Spieldauer: 9 Std. und 16 Min.

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The Richardella dulcifica, better known as the taste berry, is a unique fruit. When eaten, it causes the taste buds to experience all food eaten afterward - even distasteful food - as sweet and delicious. Likewise, there are people who, through their love and compassion, make the lives of others better. Like the taste berry, these people can turn sour days into delightful, even joyful, ones. 

With all the confusion, turmoil, and heartache that teens experience, they need "taste berries" more than any other group. The authors - a mother/daughter team sensitive to the special needs of teens - have collected a wide array of inspirational material, which they interweave with teens' comments and critiques. 

The audiobook is divided into units on self-worth, self-respect, and self-esteem; friendship; love and meaningful relationships; finding meaning, purpose, and direction in life; giving, sharing, and making a difference; encouragement and success; and coping with pressure, stress, and tough issues. 

Real teens reviewed this work, and the authors completed it with the collaborative feedback of those teens. This innovative approach enables Taste Berries for Teens to show teens - by means of the responses and reactions of their peers, rather than the rhetoric of adults - what it means to be a "taste berry" and to appreciate the "taste berries" in their lives. In addition, the authors offer their own suggestions and counsel to provide structure for the teen responses. 

Taste Berries for Teens - a unique combination of timeless and heartwarming narratives, teen responses and reactions, and the authors' own loving and wise commentary and advice - is sure to become every teen listener's constant guide and trusted companion.

©2008 Bettie Youngs, PhD, EdD (P)2018 Bettie Youngs, PhD, EdD


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