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    Havok in Strikersport 

    As the Feast of Hungry Ghosts begins in the northwest port city of Strikersport, monsters and actual ghosts begin appearing throughout the city causing all manner of chaos. Thus the city’s twin protectors, Dragon and Tiger, enter the fray and set about uncovering the reason behind the sudden appearances. Their revelations lead back in time to a horrendous massacre in the village of Batsu, a province of the magical kingdom of Khaitan. Have agents of ancient deities come to Strikersport to wreak vengeance on the guilty? And if so, what is the magical artifact and its connection to an animated shi shi lion roaming free through the city? 

    Once again Barbara Doran spins a tale of imaginative fantasy filled with colorful heroes, villains, and oriental gods wielding amazing powers. It is a frenetic pulp actioner fans will not be able to pause.

    ©2017 Barbara Doran (P)2018

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