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    Systemic Questioning Techniques for Specialists and Executives, Consultants and Coaches

    With the right questions to the desired result.

    Are you a specialist or manager, consultant or coach?

    Are questions a priority in your work?

    Are you wondering if you're really asking the right questions?

    Learn more about the importance of workplace issues and how you can use them competently in your work.

    "In professional life, problems usually arise again and again, which are then sometimes discussed endlessly in the team. It doesn't matter whether the discussion is conducted in a meeting room, via video chat or via e-mail. During a meeting, it can happen very quickly that everything keeps going in circles and there is no solution in sight. An efficient way of working, therefore, also requires the right and meaningful conduct of conversations. A lot can be achieved, especially with the right question technique. For this, however, the participants must first know various question techniques and should also move outside the classic closed or open questions".

    You will learn in this helpful guide:

    • what really is behind systemic questions
    • where systemic questioning techniques are used everywhere
    • which benefits has the amended question
    • the different variants of systemic questions
    • which to know using systemic issues is necessary
    • Many practical examples and checklists on implementation
    • And much more!
    ©2019 Hans Patzer (P)2019 Hans Patzer

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