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    Can an affirmative question make Switchwords more powerful?

    Switchwords are straightforward and easy to use. Switchwords are simply words that "Switch" on your subconscious mind; sort of like switching on a light. They are, in many ways, one word affirmations. But unlike the conventional affirmations that don't work, these one word miracles do.

    When coupled with affirmative questions, Switchwords become even more powerful.

    Why do affirmative questions and Switchwords work so well together?

    (From Chapter 5: "Both bypass the subconscious mind's tendency to entrench your habits and life circumstances. When you use them together they work synergistically; the questions prime your mind to find an answer and the Switchwords give the questions that extra push through the caverns of the subconscious mind and eventually into your life experience. ...You will find that your mind will shift. You will feel something is different. That feeling is good...

    "The old habits start to slowly crumble but without making the subconscious mind hunker down. In many ways the affirmative questions and the Switchwords are like mini cells infiltrating your bad habits. Once your subconscious mind realizes what is happening, the old habits are replaced by new and better ones. It might seem like this is a way to trick the subconscious mind. It isn't so much a trick as simply dealing with it the way it understands. It is a habit machine and it has certain rules. If you approach it with the wrong set of tools, or in the wrong way, it will backfire on you. Same with a plane, if you handle the throttle as you would a gear shift on a car you would be in for one hell of a flight. Questions and Switchwords are the right tools for the job. ")

    Switchword Manifestation will teach you everything you need to know about how to use these amazing modalities together to create amazing results.

    ©2014 Numinosity Press Inc (P)2015 Numinosity Press Inc

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