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    Mama has died and is now with the Great Spirits. Her strong-willed, crotchety husband is dead set on having her ashes buried in the Historic Conundrum County Cemetery. Mama's dying wish to her beloved son Hackett, "Don't let him do it!" During her lifetime Mama was a great lover of animals and now after her death they aim to repay her in spades. Events are thus set in motion bringing together Hackett and a rag-tag team of animals in a hilarious effort to honor Mama's final wish even if someone's hide must be sacrificed to make it happen. Switching Mama's Ashes is a heart-warming, fantastical adventure introducing Buckminister the dignified deer, Rally the sage raccoon spirit, Squiditch the sneaky squirrel, Seagle the observant osprey, and Elvis the happenin' hound dog.

    ©2015 Holt Alexander Clarke (P)2016 Holt Alexander Clarke

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