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  • Swing Trading: How to Create Passive Income, Trading Tools, Profitable Trades, Money Management and Learn How to Become a Successful Trader for a Living

  • Geschrieben von: Alfred Smith
  • Gesprochen von: Aaron Tinkleman
  • Spieldauer: 3 Std. und 22 Min.
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  • Kategorien: Geld & Finanzen, Persönliche Finanzen

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    You are about to discover the secrets that stock brokers have been keeping close to their hearts to ride the trend and beat the market over and over again!

    Are you ready to dip your feet into the world of trading in financial assets but don’t want to commit too much money and or time to make profits? Are you afraid of the pressure and risk that comes with day trading?

    If you answered yes, welcome to swing trading, your ticket to trading in financial assets profitably without committing too much upfront capital or exposing yourself to too much risk of course without foregoing the thrill of active trading!

    How is all that even possible, you might ask?

    Well, simple; you follow the trend to beat the market such that you are able to buy low and sell high to make your profits every day, week, month, or after a couple of months! After that, you simply rinse and repeat; the numbers do add up pretty fast if added frequently enough! As you can guess, this can be a perfect passive income opportunity, which can generate lots of cash for you if you do it right.

    In simpler terms; swing trading allows you to enjoy the best aspects of the slow pace of investing and the rapid potential gains that come with day trading!

    If you are wondering how all this is possible, this audiobook will explain this and much more. You don’t need a college degree in finance to understand and apply what this book teaches. In fact, it is laid out in such an easy-to-understand language that anyone who listens to it can apply everything it teaches!

    In it, you will learn the golden nuggets of swing trading such as:

    • Swing trading fundamentals you should be aware of if you are a complete beginner.
    • Financial assets that you can swing trade as a complete beginner.
    • How to hone your swing trading skills to increase your earning potential .
    • Tools of trade, including the platforms and tools you need to have to become a swing trader.
    • The psychology of swing trading that you need to develop if you are to do this long term and make loads of cash in the process.
    • Swing trading strategies you can use to analyze financial assets, maximize profits, mitigate risks and more to make informed buying and selling decisions.
    • How to read charts right to spot trends before the masses get in.
    • Important points to consider to decide how much money you want to commit to your swing trading activities.
    • How to manage your time and money like the pros do in your swing trading activities.
    • How to organize your trading day for maximum gains.
    • Newbie mistakes to avoid in your swing trading endeavors.
    • And much more...

    The secret to getting ahead in life is getting started. So start learning the inner workings of swing trading and take consistent action; profits are a few trades away! You will wish you had started this earlier when you start seeing results!

    What are you waiting for?

    ©2019 Alfred Smith (P)2019 Andrea Betti

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