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Three cutting-edge writers explore the high-wire risk of having a sexual wish come true.

In "Jodi K", by Jill Soloway, the award-winning writer/producer of Six Feet Under, a suburban teenager is a skeptical part of every high school make-out scene, but her heart is fixed on the middle-aged man next door.

"Charmed, I'm Sure", by Eric Albert, a frequent contributor to Best American Erotica, tells of a single man who enters into a contract with a modern-day witch and finds there are unforeseen complications even in the most magical seductions.

The young woman in "Bending", by Greta Christina, the author of Paying for It, can't seem to find an alternative sexual position...until her friends and lovers come up with a scheme that opens her up, literally, to her real needs and desires.

Includes an introduction written and read by Susie Bright.

(P)2005 Audible, Inc.
Introduction ©2005 Susie Bright
"Charmed, I'm Sure" ©2005 Eric Albert
"Bending" ©2005 Greta Christina
"Jodi K" ©2005 Jill Soloway


"Bright's imprimatur guarantees heat sufficient to melt an ice floe. As her editorial picks generally do, these novellas deliver not just heat but laughter, poignancy and even the occasional deep thought." (Publishers Weekly)

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