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Surviving the Swamp

Survivalist Reality Show, Book 1
Sprecher: Connie Shabshab
Serie: Survivalist Reality Show, Titel 1
Spieldauer: 9 Std. und 7 Min.

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Skin of Your Teeth Survival is a reality show made famous for pairing part-time survivalists with a real-life survival situation. Led by world-famous prepper and survivalist Wolf Henderson, season 10 promises to be different. This time, none of the contestants are survivalists - they’ve all been picked to fail. 

But when an EMP hits, the cast scatters, and Wolf is left to guide a group of misfits in a suddenly dark and dangerous world. Wolf knows this group will be some of the first casualties if he doesn't help, so he offers them safety at his island bug-out location and takes off with his ragtag team to move through the wild and unpredictable swampland of Florida.

The loner of the group Regan only joined the reality show to escape her past life. She knows she can’t survive on her own, but connecting with others has never been her strong point. She believes she has a better shot in one of the major cities on the coast than in the swamp, so she joins the team with every intent of striking out on her own once the opportunity arises. 

But with the world around them growing more dangerous every day, she has to figure out whether she’s better off with the group or alone in the post-EMP world. And whether Regan or Wolf realize it, the dangerous journey through swampland will soon become a literal fight for survival once they reach the chaos of "civilized" South Florida.

Warning: This novel contains scenes with violence and referenced sexual content.

©2019 Relay Publishing (P)2020 Relay Publishing

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