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    The realization you are getting divorced is a devastating experience. Life as you know it may be changing forever....

    Are you:

    • Trying to let go and move on?
    • Dealing with custody and co-parenting issues?
    • Feeling betrayed, rejected, and angry?
    • Struggling with being single again?
    • Concerned about income, debt, and insurance?
    • Wondering if you are ready to date again?
    • Afraid of the unknown?
    • Confused about what to do next?
    • Experiencing pain, guilt, and humiliation?
    • Ambushed by waves of grief?

    There is hope. You will get through this, and you will survive. Surviving Divorce is your guide to finding that hope. It will help you on your journey toward not only surviving, but thriving after your divorce.

    ©2014 Gregory D. Lengacher (P)2015 Gregory D. Lengacher

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