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  • Survival Foods

  • 70 Nutrient-Packed, Easily Stored Foods to Stockpile in Preparation for Any Disaster
  • Geschrieben von: Seb Larsen
  • Gesprochen von: Richard Peterson
  • Spieldauer: 2 Std. und 42 Min.

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    With the whole world falling apart - crisis, lockdowns, financial crashes, grocery stores becoming ghost towns by the minute - discover crucial foods to stockpile on now for your survival. 

    We live in a world that’s on the brink of collapse. Life as we know it is soon going to drastically change, and I’m sorry to say, not for the best. War is happening everywhere around us, borders are being closed imprisoning people in their own homes, viruses and bacteria are evolving at an unprecedented rate, keeping science almost helpless in the perpetual fight for the survival of the human species.

    Our biggest fear as humans is to lose access to our primal and most basic needs: food and water. That fear is justified.

    History shows that in times of huge crisis, food supplies run incredibly low, leaving people helpless in the face of famine. War, natural disaster, and epidemics have always been recurring disasters in the lifetime of the human species. In response to those problems, governments quickly bestow restrictions on mobility, commerce, and social contact - which, in turn, quickly diminish, among other essential things, food supplies. People are left helpless and hopeless without any means to avert the crisis they are living in.

    Did you know that malnutrition stunts physical and mental development in children? Did you also know that malnutrition compromises your immune system and leaves you more vulnerable to disease and infections? Or that in the Dutch famine of 1944, known as the “Hongerwinter”, the Netherlands lost at least 30,000 people?

    The good news is, we can learn from our past. We can sense a crisis when it’s about to happen and prepare accordingly. Whatever the crisis you might face could be, if you don’t have fuel for your body your chances of surviving drop dramatically.

    In Survival Foods, you’ll discover:

    • The secrets of a healthy diet, even if there is a shortage of everything 
    • The tried and tested techniques of food preservation from your own home 
    • The three crucial considerations when you’re stockpiling on foods 
    • Foods that could last 30 years in your pantry 
    • Thirty of the most nutrient-packed canned food you need to have in your kitchen 
    • Twenty of the must-have grains and legumes to keep your body in good condition 
    • The things that most people forget to buy that could make your life easier 
    • The 13 essential vitamins for survival to boost your immune system and well-being 
    • The 10 oils and kinds of vinegar you need to have to fight infections and stay healthy 
    • A bonus chapter on the secrets to tasty survival meals
    • And so much more!

    Don’t wait too long before you start stocking up on your essentials! The secret to surviving a crisis is being smart, quick, and proactive in gathering the supplies you need to get you through harsh times physically and mentally unscathed.

    In the current events of the Coronavirus, studies show that one-third of UK shoppers are already stocking up on food, which is leaving grocery stores in distress to comply with the huge demand for food. Stocks may run short, and you could be left with nothing or, at best, with foods that no one else wants, not even you.

    ©2020 Seb Larsen (P)2020 Seb Larsen

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