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    The grass isn’t always greener on the other side of the sun....

    On their golden wedding anniversary, Lorraine Green and her husband made an unbreakable pact. As the surviving partner, her life insurance payout will fund a one-way ticket to the solar system's most exclusive retirement community: Sunset Stays.

    Her children say she is too old. Too vulnerable. Too frail to face the many risks of space travel. But Lorraine Green is nothing of the sort. Though the real reason for the pact can never cross Lorraine's lips, she leaves no doubt that her mind is made up. 

    The adventure of a lifetime calls...but so does a burning thirst for justice. Because millions of miles from Earth, in a tranquil paradise of blue skies and golden fields, a painful score lies unsettled. 

    And in her 75th trip around the sun, Lorraine Green will do whatever it takes to put things right....

    From the author of Not Alone, an official Audible best-of-the-year finalist for science fiction.

    ©2020 Craig Falconer (P)2022 Craig Falconer

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