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    In this book, Tony Robbins lays out the principles anyone can use to make order out of market chaos, create an actionable investment plan, and achieve financial freedom. He teams up with Peter Mallouk to create a step-by-step guide that both novice and professional investors can use to withstand and profit from market uncertainty.

    What will you learn from listening to this audiobook?

    • The patterns that define financial markets
    • How to get over the fear of market corrections and crashes and profit from the chaos
    • The principles super-investors like Warren Buffet and Ray Dalio use to maximize wealth
    • The tricks 401(k) providers, financial advisors, and investment bankers use to charge exorbitant fees and sell expensive and underperforming products
    • How to create a portfolio that minimizes risks and maximizes returns
    • How to build mental fortitude and avoid the money mistakes most investors make
    • How to acquire a true wealth mindset and find fulfillment regardless of your life circumstances

    Don't miss this summary of Tony Robbins' step-by-step guide, Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook. This FastReads summary includes complete chapter synopses with key takeaways and analysis that will alleviate your fears and allow you to grow your wealth with confidence. Robbins and Mallouk offer practical financial wisdom along with thoughtful insight into finding real wealth beyond your investment portfolio.

    Book Summary Overview

    Tony Robbins teams up with Peter Mallouk, one of the most eminent financial advisors in the US, to create an authoritative playbook that helps budding investors make sense of market turmoil and take advantage of the opportunities that bear markets create.

    His brilliant analyses of the stock market patterns of the past 100 years, coupled with the time-tested wisdom of some of the brightest minds in finance, bring to light the privileged information that super-investors have used for decades to create immeasurable wealth. This New York Times best seller is an insightful and practical guide for anyone who wants to invest like the best in the game.

    ©2017 FastReads (P)2017 FastReads

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