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    Don't miss out on the simple, yet profound wisdom of Ryan Holiday's best-selling audiobook, The Obstacle is the Way. This FastReads' Summary includes full chapter synopses with key takeaways & analysis to help you quickly soak up the essence of his deep insight, and learn how to turn obstacles to your advantage.

    What will you learn from listening to this audiobook?

    • It's possible to turn even the harshest obstacles upside down
    • You can use obstacles to your advantage
    • It's important to keep emotions in check and maintain a cool head
    • Altering your perspective helps in overcoming obstacles
    • There is a way out of every obstacle, no matter how hard it seems
    • The only important thing is to do your job - there's no job beneath you
    • You owe it to yourself to do your best at whatever you're doing
    • Anticipate that anything could go wrong and prepare for the worst

    Audiobook Summary Overview.

    If you don't want to spend time reading a book about stoicism, Ryan Holiday has a better option for you. The Obstacle is the Way is an excellent self-help audiobook that showcases numerous instances of great people who created history. It is inspiring and motivational, to say the least. Primarily, this audiobook offers advice to turn any obstacle into an advantage.

    Holiday stresses on the fact that we invite problems mostly because of our perceptions. In this audiobook he deftly shows the listener how to solve almost any issue by altering your perspective.

    ©2017 FastReads (P)2017 FastReads

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