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  • Summary of Impossible to Ignore by Carmen Simone

  • Key Takeaways & Analysis
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    Don't miss Dr. Carmen Simon's revolutionary approach to making a lasting impression, Impossible to Ignore: Creating Memorable Content to Influence Decisions. Simon uses scientifically proven research to design a step-by-step method to creating the best content to drive the decisions you desire.

    What will you learn from listening to this audiobook?

    • Why we remember the things we do
    • How much of what we hear and see we actually remember
    • What types of things we are most likely to remember
    • The science behind memory and decision making
    • How to associate your content with a recurring memory for most
    • A step-by-step plan to get people to convert when you want them to!

    Audiobook Summary Overview

    In this audiobook, Carmen Simon explores how writers, artists, and business communicators can use memory to create content that is impossible to ignore. She asserts that people act on what they remember and that ventures become profitable when they learn to influence what their customers recall in the future. According to the author, people act in favor of a business when the business learns to influence their memory by using the right proportion of facts, distinctiveness, familiarity, emotion, sensory intensity, and other variables in its content.

    The premise of this audiobook is that communication is only effective if the message sticks to the minds of the listeners long enough to influence their choice at the decision point. The author uses the latest developments in brain science to develop an approach that anyone can use to create a presentation, sales pitch, training program, or marketing campaign that is easy to understand and hard to forget.

    Whether you're making a sales pitch or writing a book, Impossible to Ignore is the audiobook you need to make your content unforgettable!

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