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    While the Bible is enough to take us to heaven, knowing history helps us live more wisely on our way.

    George Orwell observed in 1984 that those who pay attention to history have the potential to influence the future. Stuck in the Present offers a grounding in historical consciousness that allows us to better navigate the daily bombardment of information. Amnesia about the past makes us vulnerable to the shackles of modern-day hucksters who try to convince us that the present is all that matters.

    With wit and grace, Moore encourages listeners to avoid common historical fallacies and better understand the significance of the past. Through interviews conducted with leading historians, Moore invites listeners to better understand relevant topics like the living legacy of the Puritans, slavery and the Civil War, and the current struggles for Civil Rights. Stuck in the Present motivates listeners to be lifelong learners of history. By doing so, we are enriched and better equipped to engage the complexities of our world.

    ©2021 David George Moore (P)2021 eChristian

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