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    The high school hero offers to help his friend win the heart of the bad boy. But when he falls for her himself? It’s no more Mr. Nice Guy.

    The bad boy...

    Simone has a plan. Well, her friends have a plan. The self-proclaimed Lonely Hearts Club has found a way for the awkward movie-quoting art geek to get the attention of the brooding bad boy in the band.

    This plan? It involves studying.

    When they get their hands on a stack of old magazines filled with how-to articles, the answer is clear. If Simone can master the fine art of flirting, her crush won't stand a chance.

    Mr. Nice Guy...

    The school’s beloved starting pitcher might be popular, but the nerdy chick he’s been eating lunch with every day for years? She won’t give him the time of day. Until he’s recruited by her friends to be her practice date, that is.

    Everyone knows that Andrew is a good guy. A nice guy. So, of course, he agrees to be Simone’s stand-in crush. But then, he starts crushing on her himself.

    Now, all bets are off, because Andrew might be nice but he’s not that nice. And if playing dirty means stealing kisses, well, things are about to get messy.

    ©2020 Maggie Dallen (P)2020 Maggie Dallen

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