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Virginia Candle married the wrong man. She's known that for years. But when she finds out what her husband's company actually does to make their money, it's going to be a lot murkier than separating from a bad life partner.

When the company fires her husband, they're not sending him off with a severance check. He'll get a bullet in the head, plus one for her and their son Tucker. She can either lie down and die, or take action to stop it.

Virginia will have to take matters into her own hands and find a way to gain some leverage. Because she's not going to be a pawn in their game any longer. But when she learns the deception goes much deeper than she had originally thought, her plan threatens to tumble to the ground. How can she protect her son and find her way out of this mess?

This thrilling conclusion to The Whistleblower Saga jumps back in time 20 years to show you how it all began.... and the answers will surprise you!

©2017 Jim Heskett (P)2017 Jim Heskett


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