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    Tense? Overstretched? Exhausted? Is the stress of your daily life weighing too heavily on your shoulders? Stress and bustle is increasing, demands are becoming greater for career, everyday life and family, time pressure is on the rise. We are reachable day and night, irrespective of whether it is after work, on weekends or on vacation. We all know the results: burnout, depression and many other typical stress-related illnesses.

    Would you like to lead a stress-free, healthy and happy life? Wouldn’t you like to start each new day with enthusiasm and optimism rather than be a victim of hectic everyday life. Ask yourself, what can I do to prevent things from getting get out of hand? What can I do when I feel I’m on the brink of - or already in the middle of- a stress trap? Asking yourself these questions can be the beginning of a solution to the basic problem facing us all: How can we free ourselves from life’s burdens and become truly stress-free? The new book by Karen Wolf may be your answer.

    Karin Wolf is an alternative practitioner/natural health professional, a German Heilpraktiker for Psychotherapy, Relaxation Therapy and Stress Prevention. In the course of this book, the author shows you methods, techniques and exercises which help you better evaluate your situation and lead you toward reduced stress and greater relaxation and serenity. This book can assist you as Captain to steer your ship in a positive direction. To dock your boat safely in your home port even in the midst of stormy seas.

    ©2012 Olga Bien (P)2012 Olga Bien

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