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    "With great characters and a plot so taut and gripping I devoured it in two sittings". (John Bowen, author)

    This detective's best lead could be a voice from beyond the grave....

    Bath, England. As Detective Andrew Deans struggles to be present for his wife's challenging fertility treatment, the case of a missing college student hits a dead end. Under pressure from his job and his marriage, Deans' inquiry takes a turn when he receives impossible-to-deny evidence from a psychic....

    Despite his lack of belief in the paranormal, following the ghostly thread escalates his missing person case into a murder investigation. Unable to focus on his responsibilities at home, Deans works with the medium to build evidence from a new source: the voice of the victim herself.

    But as the full horror emerges, will Deans make the ultimate sacrifice to put the killer behind bars?

    Set against the dramatic North Devon landscape, this unrelenting British crime thriller will be enjoyed by fans of LJ Ross, Damien Boyd, Angela Marsons and Peter James.

    Book one of the international best-selling detective deans mystery trilogy.

    Start the binge-worthy series today, where traditional police procedural meets the paranormal.

    The Detective Deans Mystery trilogy

    Book 1: Storm Log-0505

    Book 2: Dead by Design

    Book 3: The Bone Hill

    ©2016 James D. Mortain (P)2020 James D. Mortain

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