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Stop Smoking

The Most Effective Way to Stop Smoking Permanently
Autor: Jay Lopez
Sprecher: Joshua Bennington
Spieldauer: 24 Min.

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Useful techniques that anyone can use to stop smoking!

There is a minimum of one billion smokers in the world. When smokers pass the age of 30, smoking may take an average of five to six hours off of their life for every single day they smoke. And that's the healthy life, not the life in old age. Smokers spend their old age with lots more harmful diseases than nonsmokers.

Believe it or not, some people still ask why they should stop smoking. Smoking causes illness and death. It's probably the most preventable lifestyle factor that is affecting human health. Smoking causes harm to every organ in the body. The heart, lungs, blood vessels, and fertility are all adversely affected by tobacco use and the chemicals in cigarettes. The nicotine that the cigarette companies place in cigarettes is extremely addictive.

When you quit smoking, you will get so many benefits. You will be able to breathe better than before. You do not need to be worried about developing lung cancer, and you will also smell better. You can also save money because you will not be spending it on cigarettes.

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